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  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of
    death for persons of every age from 6 to 27,

  • Traffic fatalities account for more than 90% of
    transportation related fatalities,

  • One person dies every 13 minutes in road related

  • Roughly 83% of crashes is due to a human error.

*North American Data
Thank you for visiting Jeff's Brampton Driving School.  Please, take a few minutes to
explore my site.  After all, spending a few minutes or even hours on finding  the RIGHT
driving school is a well-worth investment in skills that should last a lifetime.  

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM Jeff's Driving School

  • A lesson is not a productive one unless you
    LEARN / IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS -  (next time you
    take a driving lesson ask yourself "Am I here to get
    yet another 60 minutes of 'practice' or rather to
    learn a tangible skill"?),

  • It is my goal to make you an actively thinking
    driver, driver who has to make critical decisions.  
    Lecturing and giving directions by an instructor
    are some of the least effective methods to learning
    how to drive (you may find the above familiar if you
    have tried a family member's help lately),

  • You will be amazed how passing a road test takes
    care of itself once you have the skills of safe
Note that in order to provide you with the highest level of learning experience our services are conducted only in Brampton Ontario.  Students from
Mississauga, Ontario or other places around GTA are welcome to inquire about our pick up and drop off policy.

A Message From Jeff,

    Typically You have two choices of taking driving instructions:                      

    1. A "Big name" driving school. In this case you usually deal with at least 3
    different people (i.e Office assistant, school's manager, in-class instructor
    etc.) before you actually get in touch with an in-car instructor.  This
    business model relies on generating "high volume of students", where
    learning experience is at best impersonal.  

    2.  A driving instructor and a small business owner like myself. This
    approach allows for better understanding of a unique situation every
    student is in. From the first time that you contact me, you can be sure that
    I develop a driver's training that meets YOUR needs. It is also myself who
    personally teaches You all the vital driving skills. This approach is
    especially effective for many nervous and mature students.

    Here is what one of my students said at the end of her training..."I was
    FORTUNATE to learn how to drive with you"...  I also suggest,
    you read testimonials posted on http://find-a-driving-school.ca/jeffs-
    brampton-driving-school/ by some of my other students.

    Please note, that these testimonials are published by a COMPLETELY
    INDEPENDENT website, thus allowing you to get fully UNBIASED

    I think this feedback closely reflects the kind of dedication and attention to
    details I put into teaching you various driving skills.  

    Safe driving is probably one of the most underrated skills I can think of,
    considering the amount of time an average person spends behind the
    wheel during his/her lifetime.  

    In fact, under Ontario's graduated licencing system, a driver has a
    privilege of operating a motor vehicle for at least 62 years*.

    This is why I would like to stress the importance of quality training in this
    area.  Do not become just an average driver!  It is an average driver who
    becomes part of statistics like the ones in the 'FACTS' sheet to the right.

    I take pride that you receive driver training that is next to none in the

    So take this opportunity to meet with me to prove that being
    'FORTUNATE' just happens to make sense.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Jeff, Professional Driving Instructor, B.Com

    * Based on G license eligibility at age 18 and the reassessment of skills at age 80.
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Welcome to Jeff's Brampton Driving School !
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