Driving Test preparation
Our Driving Test preparation packages will help you to understand the nature of evaluations.
If you read this particular page of my website I assume you are just about ready for G2 or G Driving Test.

This being said, too many, even more experienced drivers, learn the Hard Way that it takes more than
good car handling abilities to pass a driving test.  You see, at this stage it is taken for granted that you
have an adequate car control (if you think that things like turning efficiently, lane changing, or various
parking  manoeuvres are still a concern, DO NOT WASTE your money by attempting a driving test.  
Instead, focus on
improving your skills in these areas.

Only then, you can think about "execution of a plan" (application of the Rules of the Road so to comply
with the
testing paper's marking key).

In some respect, a driving test is like a game.  If you follow the rules of that game you WIN.

Who can benefit from Road Test preparation?

  •  Students who completed other Beginner Driver Course preparing for G2 driving test.
  •  Experienced drivers from other countries
  •  G2 drivers who want to obtain their "G" licence
  •  Drivers who did not succeed on their prior Road Test attempt(s)

What does the Driving Test preparation include?

  •  An objective assessment of your skills (very often a driver does not even realize his/her weaknesses)
  •  A detailed review of the technical elements (e.g. Road Side Stop, 3-Point Turn, Parallel Parking, Stall Parking)
  •  Enhancement of your observation (e.g. Scanning Patterns, "SMOG" technique)
  •  Drive test centre analysis (e.g. "problem points" at intersections, traffic lights sequences, speed zones, etc.)
  •  Explanation of the 5 common mistakes you can not afford to make (any one of these mistakes results in automatic disqualification)

How long is a Road Test preparation?

A typical Driving Test preparation is anything between 1 - 3 hours and depends on your level of readiness.  

The most optimal preparation approach includes:

  •  An initial, 2 hours appointment (scheduled at least 3 days before the test date) that allows for learning and assimilation of Driving Test
  •  An additional, 1 hour appointment on the test date that includes final review and drive around a Road Test Centre

To make our car available for any  Driving Test please contact us as soon as a road test booking is completed.  Free Road test booking is
available upon request*.

* Free Road test booking excludes Quick Road Test Booking.

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Driving Test preparation
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