Private in-car Driving Lessons
Private driving lessons take into consideration the uniqueness of every student ( i.e. Past driving experience, your age, learning ability etc.).  
For these reasons our first meeting always includes 5 to 10 minutes assessment of your driving strengths and weaknesses.

What to expect from any driving lesson taken from Jeff's Brampton Driving School

  •  One-on-one 60 minutes in duration (45 minutes lessons can be provided upon request)
  •  You will only take the number of lessons you actually need
  •  The goal of the lesson is clearly stated ("WHAT" driving skill you are to learn)
  •  Feedback on your progress and mistakes is given as they are happening
  •  Free pick up / drop off at home, school, work (within Brampton,  Ontario)
  •  Flexible appointment schedule (7 days a week 8am - 9pm)
  •  Special teaching approaches for nervous drivers
Our driving lessons reinforce essential defensive skills, while allowing students to address their own concerns and practice their weakest skills.  
We encourage students to ask questions, as this type of interaction leads to
understanding a skill rather than memorization of a skim or a
method.  If you
understand the "HOW" and the "WHY" of a skill,  you are on the right track to become an independent driver.
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Brampton  Driving School
Brampton  Driving School
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(647) 885 - 1970
Private in-car Driving Lessons
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